Lou Perrine's

Gas Station in Kenosha

Looking for the best gas station in Kenosha?

You’ve come to the right place! Lou Perrine’s is hands-down the best gas station in Kenosha. We’re more than just any ol’ gas station though – we offer so much more! Besides just cheap gas and your basic convenience store items, you can get full pump-side service at Lou Perrine’s!

If you are elderly, disabled, have kids in the car, or are just lazy, our team will happily come to pump your gas and grab anything you need from inside the store! Our convenience store is a staple in Kenosha, 3 generations strong, and we are proud of our community! Learn more about our story here.

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More than just a gas station!

When you visit Lou Perrine’s, you’re getting more than just a convenience store. Of course, we offer your staple gas station items: chips, soda, milk, and candy. But did you know we also carry fresh produce, Wisconsin meat and cheeses, a full line of groceries, healthy snack alternatives, fresh salads and sandwiches, and more!

We didn’t even mention Mama P’s HoHo Cake! This is a signature piece of cake… only available at Lou Perrine’s gas station in Kenosha! Mama P’s HoHo Cake is a rich, chocolate cake with a smooth & creamy white filling topped with an indulgent layer of fudgy frosting… Heaven in a cake! If you want the experience, you can always visit our original location on the corner of 52nd Street and Sheridan Road. We’re also opening a new location on the South Side, coming soon!

Not able to make it out? That’s cool, we DELIVER! Yep! You can get Mama P’s HoHo cake, cookies, snacks, cappuccinos, and more delivered to wherever you are! Order delivery here.

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