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Lou Perrine's

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The Lou Perrine's Way!

Gas, and a whole lot more

Here at Lou Perrine’s, we are more than just a gas station. Yes, we have your staple items like smokes and cokes but we pride ourselves on offering so much more.

We carry fresh produce, grab-and-go meals, Wisconsin meats & cheeses, healthy snacks, salads, and more. Heck, we will even pump your gas and shop for you! When you walk into one of our locations you’ll be greeted with a warm smile by someone who is truly excited to serve you.

We are proud to say we have served Kenosha for over 67 years!!!

Your Spot To

Stop & Shop!

Fuel Up

At Lou Perrine’s, it’s our goal to provide the most affordable price on fuel in the area. You will always save when you pay with cash & make sure you become a Loyalty Member. It’s one of the best in the business.

Grab Some Grub

We offer more than just chips and soda! Grab some fresh produce, try a bagel from Einstein’s, and of course a slice of Mama P’s HoHo Cake. We have a little bit of everything here for your ultimate convenience.

Bring The Fun

Lou Perrine’s has a fantastic selection of beer and liquor, so you don’t have to run all around town! We carry the classic favorites as well as Wisconsin originals. Whatever you like to enjoy, we probably have it in our store!

Did You Know?


More Services

More than just a gas station,
more than just a convenience store

Here at Lou Perrine’s, we pride ourselves on taking care of everything for our community. We not only offer the cheapest gas in the Kenosha area, but we are a full-service gas station. We’ll pump your gas and bring out your convenience store items! But wait, there’s more! We offer a variety of services to our customers, so you don’t have to run another errand. You can stop at Lou Perrine’s and get it all done!

Cubed & Block Ice
ATM Machine
Fishing Licences
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We Got That

And More!

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Lou Perrine's


We offer a discounted price on gas when you pay with cash!

Why? Because we get charged a credit card fee when you use your credit card. Instead of giving those greedy credit card companies more money, we would rather pass that saving on to you!

How much can you save? Depending on the market price of fuel you could save anywhere from $.05-$.15 a gallon!

One more thing. When we save cash, we mean it! No debit cards, No pesos, No Chinese Yuan… just good ol’ hard American cash!

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