Our Mission

To continue the vision of Grandpa Lou by offering our community a QUALITY PRODUCT at a GREAT VALUE while ensuring the highest level of CUSTOMER SERVICE. To put it in his words, “They aren’t just customers…. THEY ARE FAMILY”.

Our Values

Quality Product
Great Value
Excellent Service

In 1954, Lou Perrine Sr. started a small full service Clark station on the corner of 52nd Street and Sheridan Road. It was back in the good ol’ days when someone pumped your gas, checked your oil, and cleaned your windshield all at once. Grandpa Lou was known for his smiling face and outstanding customer service.

Lou Jr., entered the business during his high school years. While pumping gas for his father, Lou Jr. not only learned the business, but also met his future wife, Laurie. In 1985, the Perrine family lost Grandpa Lou to cancer. To honor his late father, Lou Jr. took over the business. Over time, he turned the small full service gas station into what you see today. In 2008 Lou’s eldest son, Anthony, entered the family business making it 3 generations strong. There are not many businesses left where you can stop in and shake the owner’s hand. We take pride in that! So stop in anytime and introduce yourself. From our family to yours….we sincerely appreciate your business.